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  1. Driven by Pete Townshend 's arching musical ambitions, It's Hard was an undistinguished final effort from the Who. Featuring layers of synthesizers and long-winded, twisting song structures, the album featured few memorable melodies and little energy, with only the anthemic "Athena" and the terse "Eminence Front" making a lasting impression.4/
  2. Sep 30,  · But then the going gets tough, and topical: It’s Hard is full of relentless, densely textured songs that excoriate private failures and the drift of the world at large toward lawlessness and ruin.
  3. It’s Hard was originally released in the UK (Polydor WHOD ) on September 4, , and as a CD in the early s (Polydor ). It is currently available as a remixed and remastered CD (Polydor ) issued in Also available since on heavyweight vinyl.
  4. It's hard (It's a hard hard hand to hold It's a hard land to control) Any soul can sleep - few can die Any wimp can weep - few can cry Everyone complains - few can state Anyone can stop - few can wait It's hard - It's very very very very hard - so hard Anyone can do anything if they hold the right card So I'm thinking about my life now I'm thinking very hard Deal me another hand Lord, this one's very hard .
  5. Jul 25,  · And, likely due to more mirror neuron activity in their brains, that kind of pain hits them hard. It’s not easy being a sensitive person in this cruel world. The News-Anxiety Trap.
  6. 23 hours ago · It’s a hard mental adjustment to make, but the Cleveland Browns have a talented roster They don’t suck anymore By Bill-in-Bangkok @billhorgan Sep 23, , am EDT.
  7. 1 day ago · Brands like Nintendo, to which a prolonged sense of scarcity is core to its business model, are able to drive interest in products by signaling that they may be hard to find for months or years to.
  8. The Fitbit Sense is a classic case of trying too hard to beat Apple Fitbit’s obsession with beating Apple has led to a pricey, complicated competitor to the Apple Watch.

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