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  1. Vocable definition is - term; specifically: a word composed of various sounds or letters without regard to its meaning.
  2. Define vocable. vocable synonyms, vocable pronunciation, vocable translation, English dictionary definition of vocable. n. A word considered only as a sequence of sounds or letters rather than as a unit of meaning. adj. Capable of being voiced or spoken. n 1. any word, either.
  3. Vocable definition: any word, either written or spoken, regarded simply as a sequence of letters or spoken | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  4. The Vocable Story. Vocable AAC was born of the personal experience of a WillowTree team member and then prototyped during an internal company innovation hour. In mid, a loved one of a WillowTree designer suffered from Guillain-Barré Syndrome which left her temporarily non-verbal and lacking motor function.
  5. Other articles where Vocable is discussed: Native American music: Music and language: Many Native American songs employ vocables, syllables that do not have referential meaning. These may be used to frame words or may be inserted among them; in some cases, they constitute the entire song text. Vocables are a fixed part of a song and help define patterns of repetition and.
  6. Le magazine Vocable pour apprendre l'anglais, l'allemand et l'espagnol avec CD audio, tests de langues, préparation diplôme Toeic, conseils séjours linguistiques, cahiers de vacances.
  7. Définitions de vocable. Mot, terme d'une langue considéré surtout sous le rapport de sa signification, de son individualité lexicale (petit, petite, petits sont trois formes d'un même vocable).Nom du saint ou du mystère sous le patronage duquel une église est placée.

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